Why do we recommend an “Out of Court “Separation Agreement?

The Family Law Act (2012) places a new emphasis on out-of-court settlements, encouraging people to settle family law cases without having to go before a judge. The new Family Law Act, which replaces the Family Relations Act, recognizes that out- of- court processes allow you to remain in control of the agreement negotiation while avoiding the damaging family stress and financial costs associated with a case pursued through the courts.
The “facilitated” Smartsettle Family eNegotiation process includes a technology that is perfectly suited to meet the goals of this new legislation. The Smartsettle system promotes the use of patented on-line technologies that assist you to meet on-line and/or in person, allows you ample access to your facilitator, avoids delays that come with waiting for in-office appointments, promotes the ability to work on-line and submit your proposals any time of day resulting in agreements concluded in shorter periods of time. Imagine being able to communicate when you need to, work on your agreement when your want to, send proposals when you are satisfied with them, reach an agreement any time of day, any day of the week. This is the Smartsettle Family Resolution reality and it can be your reality as well. When you harness the power of Smartsettle to the new Family Law Act you will achieve a comprehensive, timely, economical out-of-court settlement.