A Smartsettle negotiation is more than mediation

Smartsettle puts you in control of a unique process that quickly produces a formal outcome. The Smartsettle process follows an ethical model of conflict resolution that can be simplified to the following three steps:

  1. 1. Orientation & planning
  2. 2. Gathering information & development of a Single Negotiating Framework
  3. 3. Negotiation of a superior agreement using the patented Smartsettle computer-based negotiation system.


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Further Details on our 3-Step Process

  • Step One: Orientation & Planning

    Once both parties have spoken to a Smartsettle representative and have an understanding of the collaborative process, they will be asked to review and be ready to sign the Participation Agreement.

  • Step Two: Single Negotiating Framework

    Smartsettle’s holistic approach avoids the tedious issue-by-issue negotiation dance characterized by ordinary negotiations. This involves creation of a Single Negotiating Framework to clarify all the decisions that need to be negotiated in order to meet the needs of all parties (including children, if any). Lawyers and other professionals such as financial advisors, child specialists, counselors and divorce coaches have an important role in the process to help formulate the issues, make sure the language for the Framework is clear, and provide counsel as to what might constitute a fair outcome. One or more of these professionals may also participate as facilitators, depending on their expertise and the needs of the clients.

    Your facilitator will professionally guide you through the entire process and help you brainstorm options for mutual gain. If one facilitator is serving both parties they will take a neutral position.

  • Step Three: Negotiation of a Superior Agreement

    Your facilitator can help you make sure that your preferences are well-represented within the Smartsettle system and thereby take maximum advantage of the powerful intelligence that resides at our secure neutral Internet site. After the Smartsettle system learns your interests and those of the other party, you will be able to easily evaluate packages created by either party and even request intelligent suggestions from the Smartsettle system that meet the needs of both parties.

    Depending on the needs of the parties, the Smartsettle negotiation system can accommodate any combination of collaborative face-to-face meetings with online sessions. Even online meetings can be "face-to-face" using video conferencing if desired. If parties are separated by long distances, the entire mediation can be conducted online.


Standards of Conduct
Smartsettle Family Resolutions provides mediation services in a manner consistent with the Mediate BC Society Standards of Conduct

Benefits and Costs

Learn about the benefits and cost saving of Smartsettle's collaborative process.