Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed and unsure, thinking about a separation agreement?

Smartsettle's collaborative negotiation process is:
  • controlled by you,
  • more peaceful,
  • less costly than court, and
  • quickly creates a formal written separation agreement

We understand that separating from a spouse/partner is a difficult experience. It is a time when many parts of family life need to be discussed.

The Smartsettle Family Resolution Centre provides couples with negotiation services that are peaceful and collaborative. This results in de-escalated tensions and an agreement that quickly meets your needs.

A separation agreement may address:
  • equitable distribution of property
  • spousal support or maintenance
  • child support and parenting arrangements
  • decision-making and custody
  • financial asset divisions, debt allocation and responsibility
  • other personal and financial issues

…save time & money, and reach an outcome that is even better than fair!

Smartsettle facilitators recognize that each partner desires an agreement that meets their needs in a way that does no further emotional damage to themselves or their children. You can be emotionally safe and clear-headed while negotiating your separation agreement. Whether or not you use the agreement for a divorce is a decision that can be made later.


Smartsettle specializes in separation agreements.

While the names have been changed, what follows is a true story.

Living in an uninsured motor home, John was in the midst of a difficult separation. His wife Jane refused to speak with him and he was left without access to his financial resources and home. Finally, when his lawyer contacted her, she decided it was time to talk, but not through a lawyer.

Jane had decided that they needed the support of the Smartsettle Family Resolution Centre (FRC), a Metro Vancouver based business that supports families in negotiating separation agreements and other difficult family transitions. Once John was assured of the collaborative nature of the Smartsettle FRC process, and that he would retain control of any decisions affecting him, he agreed that he preferred a non-adversarial process.

With Smartsettle FRC’s help, after many months apart, John and Jane met face to face for the first time. Even though this meeting was difficult, John was impressed by how helpful the facilitators were and how the process moved quickly forward. The facilitators supported a focused and balanced approach to solving the division of important assets and liabilities. Within days key issues affecting him were resolved and longstanding financial conflicts had been worked through.

Now, months later, John and Jane have moved on with their lives, knowing that they have a solid agreement behind. Smartsettle FRC is happy to have played a part in helping them transition into a future that they both feel good about.

The Smartsettle Process

Find out what happens during a Smartsettle negotiation.