Are you thinking about going to court because you need to separate from your spouse?

There is one certain
outcome in court

High Cost

You may fight for your rights, spend many thousands of dollars doing so, and still not get what you were hoping for. At the end of the day, an all-powerful court room judge, a stranger to your situation, will pronounce a verdict about how your assets will be divided and how your children will be cared for. You will be able to say what you think should happen but in going to court you give up your power to a judge.

Stay in Control and avoid Court

You can be more creative in producing an agreement that is valuable to you when you stay in control. Participating in the facilitated collaborative Smartsettle negotiation process will allow you to be efficient with online communication, save time and money, do less damage to your family, and address all the important issues that arise during separation, even things precious to you that may seem trivial to a judge.

The Smartsettle process usually costs less than half of a comparative adversarial process.

When children are involved, the above schematic may vastly underestimate the value of a collaborative process. How much do you value your children’s future? Reduced damage to relationships may be even more important than the time and money saved by working cooperatively on what will be YOUR separation agreement.

Your certified Smartsettle facilitator will use the patented Smartsettle computer-based eNegotiation system to help you:

  • stay in control of the process
  • avoid stressful confrontations
  • work at your own pace
  • keep your positions confidential
  • collaborate despite conflict
  • manage complex negotiations effectively
  • negotiate a comprehensive agreement that is both fair and efficient
  • record your agreement with clear language in every area that is important to you
  • reach an optimal solution to your conflict in a timely manner
  • avoid the soaring financial and emotional costs associated with agreements made in the often adversarial legal system.
  • produce a formal written document that will be legal* with the help of legal professionals when properly, completed, signed and witnessed

* Smartsettle offers negotiation/facilitation/mediation services. Parties are encouraged to seek legal or other expert advice during the process. Each party should make sure that they are adequately informed and supported before making any final decisions. Upon request, Smartsettle™ may provide the participants with a list of lawyers or other professionals from which to choose. It is the responsibility of the participants to contact a lawyer or other professional. Smartsettle™ bears no responsibility for any consequences arising from a participant’s decision to seek, or not to seek, legal or other professional advice whether or not from a lawyer or professional recommended by Smartsettle™, nor is Smartsettle™ liable for any consequences of that legal or professional advice.

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