What happens when marriages fail?

Too often couples don’t receive the support they need to end their relationship well. Family counselors report an increase in concern for clients when they move from a time of trying to save their marriage to the realization that it is all over but dividing up the family assets. The worry is especially acute with couples who indicate the end of counseling means the end of cooperating for the benefit of the family. Marital counselors speak of this as a time when some marriage partners prepare to fight while others become paralyzed or overwhelmed with the death of their marriage and the uncertain future awaiting. Everyone needs someone to help them sort out how their “separated” family will work in the future. Communities of faith, family and friends all seek to help during this difficult time. Often this isn’t enough. Professional and knowledgeable assistance is needed.

If you are reading this posting you may be experiencing a marital breakdown or know someone who is. You have thought about getting a divorce or have heard your friends using the D word as they consider what will happen now that they are separating.

Smartsettle Family Resolutions provides a skilled mediation/facilitation service to couples seeking a formal separation agreement. The Separation Agreement helps the separating couple outline how the family will work during the period in which they consider reconciliation or begin to plan for the weighty decision of seeking a formal divorce order.

The Smartsettle process helps you manage disagreements and difficult emotions, while the facilitator’s use of the Smartsettle computer program assists everyone to find a fair division of assets and debts, parenting time, child and spousal support, resulting in an agreement that reflects the interests of both spouses taking part in the negotiation.

Watch for the next post where I will provide more information about the current separation process in British Columbia.

Paul Jenkinson, MSW
Certified Smartsettle Facilitator