What Emotions Can I Expect

Emotional Stages of Separation and Divorce

Has anyone told you there are identifiable “emotional stages” experienced by people involved in the separation and divorce process? If someone told you this would you believe them? I suppose some people find comfort in the knowledge that others have already experienced and survived stages of life that still lie before them. Others may be suspicious of any information that takes what feels like a unique experience and reduces it to somewhat predictable stages. In the next four blogs I will outline emotions connected with stages of the separation, divorce experience. Hopefully the knowledge shared in this blog along with good friends, an excellent lawyer/mediator and the use of the Smartsettle Family eNegotiation system will provide you the assistance needed during this difficult time.

Remember separation or divorce can feel very different for the party who initiates the decision as opposed to the one who receives the news of the impending breakup. This sounds intuitively true as the two parties start from very different places even as they head toward the same destination, separation or divorce. The parties who begin the process report feeling guilt, relief, more guilt, impatience, resentment and fear. The parties who have not initiated the process are often shocked, experience a sense of betrayal, feel out of control, acknowledge a loss of self-esteem with the accompanying feelings of victimization, anger and insecurity. Often this array of negative emotions come with a corresponding desire to reconcile. This is a confusing time to say the least!

Have you initiated or received information that places you in the middle of a separation or divorce process? Watch for more blog postings that outline emotions you can expect to experience. Meanwhile rally some friends to support you and contact Smartsettle Family for assistance.