Separation Agreements: Staying in Control of the Process!

Couples considering separation come to a moment when they realize counselling is not enough to produce change, the advice of friends is not enough to hold the relationship together and the desire to save the relationship is not sufficient either. It is important to have an emotionally safe and effective way in which to create a “separation agreement” package when the cost of staying together outweighs the apparent benefits, when separating appears to be the next logical decision to make.

Do you find it surprising that the power of the internet can be used to assist you during this difficult time?

Here are 7 advantages to negotiating your separation agreement using the facilitated Smartsettle Family Resolution process.
  1. You are able to contact Smartsettle Family at anytime between 8 am. and 8 pm Monday -Saturday. There is no delay, no need to set an appointment, no increased stress while you wait to talk with someone.
  2. You can begin the negotiation immediately during the first phone call or in an on-line or in person meeting. You will be asked what you need from the negotiation and your needs/interest will remain Priority #1 during the whole process.
  3. Your spouse will be able start a similar process of information sharing with a facilitator. He/she can do this in a joint meeting or separately on-line or in person.
  4. Much of the information gathering about the separation agreement issues can be communicated securely, on-line from the emotional safety and comfort of your home.
  5. You will immediately feel in control of the process, able to share information when you are ready, able to pause reflect and consider your decisions whenever you want.
  6. Your Smartsettle facilitator will help you consider what you want issue by issue and will be able to show you what your ideal separation agreement package would look like. You will be able to see the potential agreement and feel comfortable with what you initially propose to your spouse.
  7. You will receive an initial proposal to consider privately, with out time pressures or the need to make any decision.

The negotiation of your agreement has begun. You are in control and the control will last until the Final Agreement is signed. Watch for more posts regarding this unique client friendly process.