Mediation on Steroids: Software Muscle and How it Helps With the Heavy Lifting

What is one to do when faced with a marital separation? How is one to understand their situation going forward? What will each person have available to meet their most basic needs once their life together legally ends?

At first glance ending a marital relationship may seem simple, straight forward, done!. This is never the case. The marriage/common law relationship will have lead to a merging of two lives beyond the emotional connection we initially think about  ending at the time of separation. Each of the parties will need assistance to become un-entangled from the other. If the parties do not received sufficient assistance one or both will suffer emotional and financial wounds that are unnecessary.

Assistance is what today’s Mediators and Lawyer-Mediators are trained to provide. The Mediator or Family Dispute Resolution Professional is trained to facilitate  both parties as they negotiate a fair arrangement. The Mediator is focused on assisting the couple  reach an Agreement that states clearly where each of the individuals now stands in relation to the  other person. But what happens when the Mediator needs assistance, when the agreement becomes so complex that the Mediator also feels overwhelmed.  What happens when negotiating all of the issues in an agreement simply becomes too much, too many issues, too many interconnections, too much heavy lifting, so easy to become  confused, so easy to not receive what you really want in the final Separation Agreement.

These are the questions that mediators often think about. They are the kinds of questions that impact every mediation professional and every client seeking their services.

It seems that the ability of computers and computer software is already recognized in fields where complex interconnected issues need to be addressed and where decisions need to be made.  Computer software guides us through our outer space challenges , the challenges of business, the need to connect socially and now is available to assist in the negotiation of complex, emotionally challenging agreements.

Someone has said that “Necessity is the mother of invention”.  If so then mediators and their clients are certainly looking for an eNegotiation software that will help them move from complexity and confusion to reach a fair and stable  Separation Agreement. Smartsettle Family Resolution Centre claims to have the staff and the computer software able to address today’s complex Separation Agreement requirements.   Could this be true?