Affiliated Family Law Professionals

Smartsettle Family Commitment
Mediating superior out-of-court agreements by accessing the best legal information available.


Legal Realities

  • When you are well-informed your negotiation moves forward and unnecessary delays are avoided.
  • If legal issues are not handled properly, then unnecessary disputes can result in expensive litigation.
  • Smartsettle Family Mediators are experienced with asset and liability division as well as child and spousal support issues.
  • Party’s use of Affiliated Family Law Professionals may avoid misunderstandings that produce expensive delays.

A Family Law professional is qualified to:

  • Identify all the options that should be considered in a dispute.
  • Draft suitable and clear language for the agreement.
  • Help determine what would be a fair outcome.


Family Law professionals are able to help clients understand very complex situations, while offering independent advice on important legal decisions.

Family Law Professionals and the Mediation Process

It is common to ask parties to do some homework between negotiation sessions. The mediator may suggest parties take one or more matters to their family law professional for direction or advice. Smartsettle Family is pleased to be affiliated with a number of lawyers who are comfortable with the Smartsettle process and are available to offer independent legal advice and support to anyone negotiating their out-of-court Family Agreement using the services of the Smartsettle Centre for Family Resolutions. Please contact us for a list of affiliated lawyers in your area.

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