Lawyers And Smartsettle Family eNegotiation System?

Many lawyers are curious about the Smartsettle Family eNegotiation system.

They wonder how this technology works, how it might benefit their practice, how their practice might relate to SFR facilitators and who if anybody in their work place might be trained to use this powerful negotiation tool. This group of lawyers is curious, cautious but interested, especially as they begin to practice under British Columbia's new Family Law Act with its preference for out-of-court agreements. During the coming year, 2013, many lawyers will participate in Law Society approved Smartsettle professional development courses becoming more familiar and more comfortable with the introduction of this technology into the negotiation of family agreements.

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Law Society approved CPD Opportunities

To indicate your interest or interest in a group booking for one of the CPD approved workshops please contact__________

Lawyers who have a basic understanding of the SFR eNegotiation process represent a group of "early responders" who have participated in the SFR 101 training.

They are likely to relate to Smartsettle Family Resolutions in at least two ways. They may refer their clients to SFR for the negotiation of a set of specific unresolved issues using the SFR eNegotiation system, with the negotiated results being entered into the legal document already created by the lawyer. Their names may also be given to SFR clients who may ask them to provide Independent Legal Advice, ILA , regarding agreements "FFA" that the parties have negotiated primarily using the Smartsettle process. To gain a basic understanding of the SFR eNegotiation process Click ______ The SFR 101 course is available on-line, easy to complete from the comfort of your home, with support available from a Smartsettle trainer.

Lawyers who partner with SFR will have a minimum of SFR "Negotiator" level training.

This designation indicates a mid-level skill set in the use of this eNegotiation system. Lawyers with SFR Negotiator status will be able to regularly incorporate Smartsettle into their practice. It is likely that the lawyer will still contract much of the negotiation of outstanding issues to a SFR facilitator but the level of participation and understanding will expand as the skill level increases. For more information Click_____

Lawyers who want to expand the use of Smartsettle eNegotiation technology in their family practice will achieve Smartsettle Facilitator designation by completing the SFR Facilitator training and participating in at least 2 practicum cases. Ongoing technical and facilitation support will be provided by SFR. This group of lawyers will be able to use the Smartsettle eNegotiation system to negotiated packages of unresolved issues with more and then less levels of SFR support needed. The use of this technology will lead to comprehensive, high value agreements that come as a result of the best legal and technical skills applied on behalf of the client. For more information click______